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Jun 20, 2019 · Bridge Expansion Joint System from EMSEAL uniquely seals new and retrofit bridge decks Expansion joints in bridges are essential to bridge preservation. EMSEAL - Bridge …

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Bridge expansion joints are designed to allow for continuous traffic between structures while accommodating movement, shrinkage, and temperature variations on reinforced and prestressed , composite, and steel structures.

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By incorporating the results of recent research activities, each joint system is designed to provide watertight, fatigue resistant, long-term, maintenance-free performance. Design Principles Fatigue Resistant. Modular expansion joint assemblies are subjected to millions of high dynamic stress cycles due to passing vehicle loads.

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Dec 07, 2018 · BEJS Overview – Bridge Expansion Joint System Watertight, traffic durable, new & retrofit bridge expansion joint seal. B ridge E xpansion J oint S ystem, BEJS is a traffic-durable bridge and roadway expansion joint which provides a primary watertight seal. It is designed to handle harsh environmental conditions and features greater movement capability, better low temperature …

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Articulus™ spray applied expansion joint is a pre-molded expansion joint made from the same coating chemestry as Bridge Preservation Bridge Deck Membrane. The Articulus spray applied expansion joint system is designed to work directly with Bridge Deck Membrane waterproofing, creating a continuous and seamless waterproof membrane system over the entire bridge structure.

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Jan 22, 2018 · Closeup: Finished bridge joint with BEJS installed in roadway, one Universal-90 used as an upturn and one field-made “notch-and-bend” outside corner. A Kickout Termination extends beyond the edge of the bridge deck and helps to direct water run off beyond the piers below.

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Dec 05, 2018 · BEJS- (Bridge Expansion Joint System) Stick lengths are supplied for expansion gaps width a nominal width of 1 1/2″ – 4″ (35mm – 100mm). Each stick is supplied precompressed smaller than the joint gap.

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The Matrix ™ 502 Asphaltic Expansion Joint can be used for both expansion and fixed end joints at abutments or piers in many bridge types including slab, beam, prestressed and steel beam, either simple or mulitspan, in both new construction and rehabilitation projects.

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Steelflex® Strip Seal Expansion Joint System. For decades, cast-in-place Steelflex ® Strip Seal Expansion Joint Systems have provided superior watertight performance and longevity over bolt-down, segmental and pourable expansion joint systems.

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These joint systems are also convenient to install on bridge rehabilitation projects requiring a shallow joint depth and/or staged construction. Drainage Trough System The D.S. Brown Drainage Trough System is a flexible water drainage system designed for use with open dam expansion joint systems.

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RJ Watson, Inc. is a world wide Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier of Bridge Bearings, Seismic Isolation Disk Bearings, Multirotational Disk Bearings, Uplift Bearings, Bridge Expansion Joints, Sound Mitigation Systems and Spray Applied Membrane for the Bridge & Highway Industry.

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Oct 31, 2019 · EMSEAL’s SWRI-Validated Expansion Joint Training program has been popular among architects, engineers, consultants, contractors, distributors and representatives worldwide. This educational, hands-on installation training program is AIA-registered and offers 8 HSW learning units upon completion.

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V-Seal Expansion Joint Systems use a preformed extruded EPDM seal that can be bonded to , steel or elastomeric with a quick setting epoxy adhesive.. Basic Uses. Typical applications include: control joint and expansion joints for both new and rehabilitation projects for bridges, highways, parking structures, stadiums, plazas, water and sewage treatment facilities and other ...

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The Silicoflex Joint Sealing System was developed as a direct response to bridge owners asking for a higher quality, longer lasting, more universal joint sealing system. The Silicoflex System consists of an inverted ‘V’ shaped, preformed, extruded silicone rubber seal, with a single component silicone locking adhesive and a primer.

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The Deery Flexable Bridge Joint System™ (FBJS) is intended for use, in either exposed or asphalt-overlaid decks, as a replacement for existing small-movement expansion devices or as a first-installation small-movement joint. Do not install the product in excessive skew, incline, or severe stop-and-go configurations.

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Expansion joints are a critical link to the sustainability of a bridge structure. Effects of improper system selection will severely weaken the integrity of a bridge. WBA continues to enhance and improve the performance, preservation adn installation of bridge and highway joint systems. When in doubt, our team of experts can help you figure out which system(s) will best suit your needs.

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Oct 30, 2019 · Finger Joints are cantilevered or simply supported steel tooth expansion joints. They are comprised of pairs of independent elements with parallel teeth provided in lengths from 3 feet to full roadway widths. RJW Finger Joints are used to provide support to vehicles as they travel across bridge expansion joint openings.

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Bridge Maintenance and Preservation Preserve overall structural integrity with Wabo ® brand expansion joint systems. Focused on performance and finished installation cost. Tested.

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This system involves repairing or filling the surface adjacent to the seal with an elastomeric called Silspec.對 After curing the joint is primed, a backer road is inserted into the opening, and 902 Dow Corning silicone is carefully place\൤ over the top of the backer …

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Jeene® - Bridge Series is a patented structural sealing joint system comprised of a neoprene profile, which is air-pressurized and bonded in place with a specially formulated epoxy adhesive. When properly installed, the high performance Jeene® joint system will not tear away, protrude out of, or slip from its original position when exposed to repeated mechanical or thermal movements.


EXPANSION JOINTS September 2008 19-1 Chapter 19 EXPANSION JOINTS LRFD Article 14.4 discusses bridge joint movements and loads, and LRFD Article 14.5 provides requirements for joints and considerations for specific joint types. This Chapter presents NDOT criteria for the design and selection of expansion joints in bridges. 19.1 GENERAL

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Approved Header Type Expansion Joint Systems. Select a header joint material that meets the requirements of DMS-6140: Polymer Concrete for Bridge Joint Systems; Select a class 7 joint sealant or one specified on the plans that meet the requirements of DMS-6310: Joint Sealers; Insure joint sealers are compatible with header materials.

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Elastomeric Expansion Joint. Doshin rubber bridge expansion joints comprise steel angles and steel bridging plate system encased in a flexible elastomer. Bridge expansion joint is capable of sustaining loads and movements up to 330 mm without damaging the surface or …

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SilTron is a two-part, cold-applied, self-leveling, fast-curing, ultra-low modulus, 100% silicone material designed for sealing of pavement joints experiencing thermal movement.SilTron cures to a resilient silicone rubber seal in a very short time when compared to typical one part moisture cure sealant.

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2) The expansion joint seals must be properly sized for the joint gap opening. Installation: The ORF Compression Seal Expansion Joint System is installed by first applying a thin layer of lubricant cum adhesive to the side walls of the expansion joint gap. Then, the seal is compressed into the joint …

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Wabo®Crete StripSeal - Bridge Series. The Wabo®Crete StripSeal -Bridge Series System is an innovative and effective method for restructuring failed joint headers or installation of expansion joints…

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Wabo®TransFlex is the original-reinforced elastomeric molded rubber expansion joint system. All sections feature tongue and groove fittings for tight end-to-end mating across decks and at curbs and are steel reinforced. It can be installed in new decks, or in older structures on rehabilitation projects. All models adapt readily to skew angles.

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Bridge Expansion Joint Systems (BEJS) are innovative traffic-durable expansion joints that have proven to provide water tightness in bridge structures and have successfully filled a much needed cost effective mid-range repair option of failed joints on bridges.

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Expansion joints are imperative to the life-cycle of a bridge; the consequence of failing joints as a result of poor quality or improper installation will severely compromise a bridge’s structural integrity.

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The Crafco Matrix 501 Asphaltic Plug Bridge Joint System is a pre-measured, pre-blended, hot-applied bridge expansion joint system composed of a uniquely formulated polymer modified asphalt binder and select aggregate. Simply level the material and allow to cool. No compaction is required.

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Advanced Bridge Expansion Joint Systems Provider! IL Won Tech will make its position firmly in the world as a practical and future-oriented Bridge Expansion Joint manufacturer by adding new technologies to our accumulated technology, clinical information, and experience.

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Expansion Joints. Goodco Z-Tech expansion joints are custom-designed and fabricated to accommodate the structural movements of highway bridges, multi-level parking garages as well as various civil engineering works such as dams, airports and others. Expansion joints ensure the continuity of bridge traffic while ensuring a watertight seal on...

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1) Joint openings to receive the ORF Compression Seal Expansion Joint System must be clean, dry, sound, relatively smooth and free of voids, ridges, and sharp projections. 2) The expansion joint seals must be properly sized for the joint gap opening.

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Wabo®StripSeal (SSS) - Bridge Series The Wabo®StripSeal system is a unique concept for effectively sealing expansion joints in bridges and structures. Elastomeric seals lock into a machined steel cavity for a watertight connection.

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with expansion joints at the bridge ends where bridge length exceeds these values. In situations where bridge skew angles exceed 30 degrees, consult the Bearing and Expansion Joint Specialist and the Bridge Design Engineer for recommendations and

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Learn more about the critical process behind testing and installing expansion joint cover systems for floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, and fire barrier. Understanding the proper protocols when it comes to expansion joint cover installation is crucial to pass inspection, as well as to ensure safety.

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Concrete Pavement Joints 305 : 353-001 : Concrete Slab Replacement 308 : 370-001 : Bridge Approach Expansion Joint Concrete Pavement With Special Select Soil Base: 306 : Structures : Concrete Structures: 400-010 : Cantilever Retaining Wall (C-I-P) 6010: SPI: …


Bridge Expansion Joint System VRE Compression / Omega Seal Expansion Joint is manufactured from High quality Chloroprene rubber to an overall cross-section, the material having proven resistance against the specific corrosive qualities of the water and soils, oils, fungi and microorganisms, oxygen, ozone and heat, 100% UV resistance, ozone resistance according to ASTM D1149.

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The Modular Expansion Joint System (MEJS) is a mechanical device installed in bridge expansion joint openings. The primary function of the MEJS is to permit vehicle traffic to travel smoothly across large expansion joint openings. It does this by dividing the large expansion joint openings into a series of smaller openings called cells.


Asphaltic Plug Expansion Joint System. To be paid for under the item "Asphaltic Plug 1. Remove new bituminous overlay and membrane waterproofing. Replace with 3. Bituminous Concrete Overlay depth shall be indicated. temperature is between 40° F and 80° F. 2. Asphaltic Plug Expansion joints shall be installed when the ambient air accordance with AASHTO.

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Bridge Expansion Joints - BD33/94 ES Joint Seal (Type 4) Originally designed for immersed tunnels as a secondary seal, is a robust, flexible, reinforced omega shaped rubber seal.

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in a bridge deck or between a bridge deck and an water from within the surfacing. abutment curtain wall. The joint gap width will vary where the joint is designed to accommodate thermal and other movements. 2.2 Expansion Joint Gap The continuous gap within an …

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Wabo®TransFlex is the original-reinforced elastomeric molded rubber expansion joint system. All sections feature tongue and groove fittings for tight end-to-end mating across decks and at curbs and are steel reinforced. It can be installed in new decks, or in older structures on rehabilitation projects. All models adapt readily to skew angles.

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We are acknowledged as an eminent distributor of an exclusive spectrum of Bridge Expansion Joint System. It is carefully manufactured at vendors' premises, using the standard quality raw material. Extensively applicable in the bridge construction industry, it is designed in accordance with the predefined norms of quality standards.

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Bridge Joints Market Leaders in Expansion Joint Technology USL BridgeCare provides a complete service to the civil engineering industry for bridge deck protection which includes the supply and installation of expansion joints and spray applied bridge deck waterproofing membranes.

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The total expansion joint system, which is cold applied with minimal specialised equipment, is specifically designed to provide a watertight, chemically resistant seal to accommodate high traffic volumes and to remain pliable in cold and warm temperatures.

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Large movement expansion joints, particularly of the Modular type having movement capacities up to 2,000mm, require careful consideration as to the structural integrity of the bridge in this highly stressed area. Typical blockout depth is in the order 0f 400mm. Careful consideration is …

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Modular Joints – Series 2000. Series 2000 modular joints have proven their effectiveness in hundreds of installations over the years. This joint system, which ensures the continuity of the road surface while maintaining a watertight seal during large structural movement (more than 100 mm), has been in use in Canada for more than 30 years.

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Modular ExpansIon JoInt systEM The Modular Expansion Joint System (MEJS) is a mechanical device installed in bridge expansion joint openings. The primary function of the MEJS is to permit vehicle traffic to travel smoothly across large expansion joint openings. It does this by dividing the large expansion joint openings into a series

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2 Bridge & Highway Fabricated Expansion Control Systems At Watson Bowman Acme, the development of armored expansion joint systems has evolved to meet the design challenges of the twenty-first century. Our proven systems facilitate engineered structural movement capabilities and protect bridges against the

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Technical Services - Materials - Approved List Joint Materials, Structural ... D. WITH FOAM-SUPPORTED SILICONE. A. ARMORLESS BRIDGE JOINT SYSTEM WITH PREFORMED CLOSED-CELL FOAM MATERIAL . BRAND NAME: SUPPLIER/ LOCATION: MATERIAL DETAILS NO. (APPROVAL DATE) Ceva Pro-Flex 2000 w/MetaZeal ... S2000-SFP Expansion Joint System. ABJ …

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Railway expansion joints The ballast-guard joint is an expansion joint used for significantly long railway structures, where the variation in movement between the deck ends and the retaining wall is such that a break is required in the ballast.

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Bridge Structural Monitoring System The collapse of the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota on August 1, 2007 was a calamity of huge proportion. Carrying over 135,000 vehicles daily, the bridge failed during the evening rush hour resulting in …

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Installation Procedure for Series 1100 Joints with Epoxy Injection System : Installation Procedure (Single Cell Joints) Expansion Joints – Series 1000 : Expansion Joints – Series 1100 – Goodflex : Fatigue Testing of Goodco Z-Tech Single Support Bar Modular Bridge Expansion Joint with Welded Stirrups (Summary Report) Modular Joints ...