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MCL would highly recommend VSS to any companies that plan to work in the slurry or micro-surfacing sector, unless of course they plan to compete against MCL. Allan Barilla | General Manager ; We are very satisfied with the quality and reliability of this machine. And best of all, it puts out a great product.

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On-site inspection and laboratory design of system; Micro-paving overlay custom mixed to job-specific conditions; A quick-set system that is traffic ready in a matter of hours; Surface preparation includes crackfilling and protection of utilities; Overlay spreader screed controls allow side-to-side and vertical adjustment to accommodate surface variations

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Microsurfacing Contractors, LLC is the recognized micro-surfacing leader in the Midwest. Our ISSA award-winning staff and crews, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment including Bergkamp continuous pavers, gives us a decided edge in delivering projects that are on budget, on time and done with the highest level of professionalism and ...

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Micro-surfacing is a mixture of polymer modified asphalt emulsion,100% manufactured aggregate, portland cement, water and liquid additives. The mixture is proportioned according to specifications and laboratory mix design. Micro-surfacing is a quick set, quick traffic system that is able to accept traffic after a short period of time.

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Micro Surfacing is made and applied to existing pavements by a specialist machine, which carries all components, mixes them on site, and spreads the mixture onto the road surface. Materials are continuously and accurately measured, and then thoroughly combined in the Micro surfacing machine’s mixer.

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Micro-Surfacing includes polymer modified asphalt (key in flexibility), aggregate, mineral filler, additives and water. Micro’s effectively seal, level, rejuvenate, and aid in skid resistance on existing paved surfaces.

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Using various design mixes, techniques, and equipment, Hincol Micro-Surfacing can be used successfully in these situations: In quick-traffic applications as thin as 3/8 inch (9.5 mm), Micro-Surfacing can increase skid resistance, color contrast, surface restoration, and service life to high-speed, heavy-traffic roadways.

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The Bergkamp M216 trailer-mounted, slurry seal and micro surfacing paver is ideal for large highway and road preventive maintenance jobs. The main difference between the M2 Series truck-mounted pavers and the M216 is the material capacity. The M216 is our largest self-contained slurry seal and micro surfacing paver.


This publication has been produced by the International Slurry Surfacing Association (ISSA) to serve as a tool to assist contractor members and buyer agencies in specifying and recognizing quality construction practices for Micro-Surfacing projects.

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Microsurfacing is similar to slurry seal. It consists of the application of a mixture of water, asphalt emulsion, aggregate (very small crushed rock), and chemical additives to an existing asphalt pavement surface. Polymer is commonly added to the asphalt emulsion to …

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CPM has invested in the equipment and training to offer our customers virtually every asphalt maintenance service available. Whether you need new asphalt pavement, an overlay, removal & replacement, or a surface treatment like micro surfacing, slurry seal, sealcoating, chip seal, or cape seal – we do it all.

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RoadSavers are the finest slurry seal & micro surfacing machines in the world. As the flagship product line from Rayner Equipment Systems, RoadSavers represent the quality & reliability that Rayner Equipment is known for. Better steel, better components, & Operator-friendly design separate RoadSavers from other slurry seal & micro surfacing ...

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Micro Surfacing, Road Surface Paver, Slurry Seal manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Micro Surfacing Slurry Sealing Paver Machine for Road Construction and Maintenance, 6t/H Bitumen Distributor Truck Bitumen Emulsion Produce Equipment, Bitumen Emulsion Equipment 6-10t/H for Asphalt Mixing Plant Road Construction and so on.

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We use premium materials and can create custom slurry seal, micro-surfacing, and sealcoats that will help shield your asphalt pavement from jet fuel and other chemical substances. Our processes also help seal and bind the asphalt pavement’s aggregate, helping to prevent loose rocks from being sucked into jet engines and damaging them.

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In order to improve road friction, pavement evenness, and driving comfort, the micro surfacing pavers can be matched with construction methods like slurry sealing, modified slurry sealing, micro surfacing, etc. The micro paving slurry seal truck is made up with a chassis, feed system, mixing system, paving system, power system, and control system.

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10CBM Slurry Paver / Micro-surfacing Paver More + About Us We are a professional ONE-STOP service supplier for road construction and maintenance equipment, construction materials and construction engineering consulting with a decade of experience.

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Microsurfacing is a high-performance surface treatment that combines the right proportions of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion with aggregate, mineral filler, water and other additives in a dedicated paver. The material is mixed in-transit and placed on a paved surface.

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Micro Surfacing Slurry Sealing Paver Machine for Road Construction and Maintenance, Find Details about Micro Surfacing, Road Surface Paver from Micro Surfacing Slurry Sealing Paver Machine for Road Construction and Maintenance - Fortune Sun (Hangzhou) Import and Export Co., Ltd.

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Publication 242 Pavement Policy Manual, May 2015 Edition, Change No. 5 INFORMATION AND SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Publication 242 (Pavement Policy Manual), Change No. 5 is to be issued with this letter. The enclosed May 2015 Edition, Change No. 4 represents Updates made …

Evaluation of Pavement Safety Performance

Micro-milling is a surface treatment in which a milling head is used to remove a thin layer of the pavement surface. Unlike diamond grinding, in which the cutting head shaves or grinds the surface away, micro-milling is an impact technique in which the milling teeth effectively chip away the pavement surface.


Mix design – Actual job materials must be used • Revise if different emulsion or aggregate source is chosen • Include other ingredients including fibers and pigments – Order of addition in the lab should mimic the paver • Typically aggregate, filler, dope and water, lastly emulsion Slurry/Micro Components

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Advanced design and construction of the heavy-duty Micro Surfacing Box allows the Macropaver®. Minimac® or other machines to apply a wide range of micro surfacing with quality and consistency. An inside skid shoe allows the operator to adjust the box to conform to previous application passes.

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Xi'an Dagang road machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is a high-tech enterprise specializing in development, design, production, sale, technical services and turnkey projects at home and abroad of road building and maintenance mechanical equipment.

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China Micro Surfacing Slurry Paver for Road Friction Resistant Reduction (HGY5251TFC), Find details about China Macro Surfacing Slurry Paver, Slurry Paver from Micro Surfacing Slurry Paver for Road Friction Resistant Reduction (HGY5251TFC) - Henan Gaoyuan Maintenance Equipments Co., Ltd.

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Asphalt Concrete Pavement, Cold Milling, Crack Repair, Heavy Rock Riprap Installation, Micro-surfacing, Milled rumble strips, Pavement markings, Pavement Message Painting and Other Work. 63:10 to 11 Hwy 881 to S. of Hwy 686 (Selective) kilometre 31.090 to 31.736 (NBL) kilometre 42.580 to 43.554 (NBL) kilometre 31.540 to 37.240 (SBL) kilometre 38.040 to 40.700 (SBL) kilometre 0.000 to …


• omposite pavement with high severity reflective cracking of the existing 3” to 7” thick HMA overlay • Design • Mill 3” and pave with • 2” thick Stone Matrix Asphalt 12.5mm Surface ourse • 1” thick inder Rich Intermediate ourse • Shoulders • Mill 2” and pave 2” HMA 12.5M64 Surface ourse

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May 02, 2007 · Micro-pave is probably best described as the highly precise setting of very small diamonds using a microscope. It should be mentioned that many purists will only consider an item ‘pave’ or ‘micro-pave’ if the item was made entirely by hand.

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Micro Surfacing. Micro Surfacing is a mixture which is aesthetically similar to slurry seal and is applied in almost the exact same fashion. Micro Surfacing, is however a superior product to slurry seal in that it utilizes higher quality aggregates and increased polymers in its mix designs and applications.

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PAVER 7.0 while working at the U S Army Corps of Engineers. Thanks are also due to Ms. Lindsi Hammond who was part of the development team while working at the Corps of Engineers both as a student as well as an engineer. Mr. Mircea Manea served as a member of the programming team for a few years during the programming of PAVER 7.0.

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LMT5310TXF Micro-Surfacing Paver, Micro-surfacing Applicator Micro-Surfacing Paver LMT5310TXF is a Metong brand product newly-developed by Metong Corporation in 2009. In comparison to existing similar products locally, Metong LMT5310TXF is more efficient, reliable and …

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With Endurablend we can create designs using virtually any pattern, color, or texture that you desire. Endurablend is spray applied, stencils are used to create patterns, aggregates are added to provide texture. Endurablend gives you a very durable and long-lasting colored surface treatment for both roadway and off-roadway applications.

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Natural granite and quartz aggregates throughout its micro-pebbled surface create speckles of color and sparkle which is only enhanced as the product is exposed to outdoor elements over time. This non-slip paver is perfect for residential patios, driveways and walkways and is a popular choice for banding and accents in paver designs, walls and other vertical features.

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Slurry Vs. Micro | S3 Should there be a distinction? ¾Performance – Mix design method should simply show the benefit of one system over the other (e.g., rut filling capabilities, rapid vs. slow set) ¾Constructability – Issues are the same Team’s recommendation: Slurry = …

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The main objective of Micro-surfacing paver is targeted on efficiency in civil road project constructions, renovation maintenance, ect. The product itself has a prolong constructions, renovations, maintenance, ect.

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Nov 11, 2019 · Quikrete, a major cement and cement-product manufacturer, makes crack-resistant cement intended to withstand the pressure of high-traffic areas, such as walkways and patios. Use Quikrete's paver forms to make your own pavers or make your own molds from lumber, plastic or existing containers.


The mix design proportions shall be within the following limits. Residual Asphalt: 6.0 to 11.5% by dry mass of aggregate . Mineral Filler: 0 to 3.0% by dry mass of aggregate . The micro-surfacing material shall be designed to carry traffic within one hour of placement.

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Integrate your agency’s custom shapefile or have us create one for you using the US Census Bureau Tiger data. These features (and many more) come together to create a complete and indispensable tool for your pavement management needs. The GIS Toolbox requires the purchase of …

30 Years of Microsurfacing: A Review

Microsurfacing has been utilized in the United States since 1980 as a maintenance treatment for pavement. This paper reviews the benefits, limitations, and factors that contribute to successful applications of microsurfacing. The history of microsurfacing, as well as a definition and process description of the treatment, is included. The body of scientific work on microsurfacing is shown to ...

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The top of this lift, which is relatively smooth, is used as the base for the wearing course. Milling (HMA pavements). A top layer is milled off the existing pavement to provide a relatively smooth surface on which to pave. Milling is also commonly used to remove a …

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In this gallery of modern driveways you'll find a variety of materials, designs and ideas for inspiration. A custom driveway design can enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your home. These pictures feature a variety of driveway styles, and materials to showcase some of the types of surfaces...

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Micro-Surfacing in Pittsburgh, PA. Peter J. Caruso & Sons, Inc. is a commercial asphalt company that is proud to provide slurry seal and micro-surfacing in Pittsburgh, PA. These two impressive asphalt resurfacing treatments help you regain control of your surfaces so they can stand the test of time.

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Sep 28, 2010 · The California area operations managed the project by working with Caltrans, traffic control and pavement-marking subcontractors on scheduling and contractual agreements, while the Utah operations used its equipment and crew to lay the new surface. Caltrans had specified that this micro-surfacing job must be handled using a continuous paver.

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Slurry Seal & Micro Surfacing. About The Course. This one-day course is intended to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of slurry seal and micro-surfacing systems. The principal focus is to offer pavement practitioners the essential skills for selecting good candidate pavements, designing and estimating projects, and gaining ...

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312 PERFORMANCE OF MICRO SURFACING AND SLURRY SEAL IN CANADA ABSTRACT Micro surfacing is a high performance surface treatment consisting of high-quality dense graded aggregate, bitumen emulsion, fillers, additives, polymers and water. It is one of the fastest growing

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Mr. Mircea Manea served as a member of the programming team for a few years during the programming of PAVER 7.0. Special thanks are due to Ms. Gay Hanson and Ms. Dana Dickey of Intelligent Information Technologies (IIT) for preparation of the user manual.

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Micro-Surfacing is applied to existing pavements by a specialized machine. The machine carries all the components and mixes them on site, and then spreads the mixture onto the road surface. The new surface changes to a finished black surface as the water is chemically ejected and it cures.

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May 22, 2008 · Micro-surfacing provides cost-effective solution With limited budgets, three Massachusetts municipalities stretch their road maintenance dollars to …

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Some pool materials are harder and better able to handle these variations. Unfortunately, no pool surface material is immune to problems and degradation if a pool or spa is improperly maintained. Consequently, the decisions you make are critical to the long …

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These have been used as surfacing materials for some centuries now. The brick pavers are made from molded clay that is baked in a kiln and is set into a mortar or sand base on the driveway.. They can be laid in a range of patterns and color combinations.They …

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The Future of Micro Surfacing Materials & Mix Design –Softer Base Field application ahead of fully proven mix design methodology. •Emulsion Distillation residue yields different test values when made with PG 58-28 or softer. (Penetration & Softening Point) –Latex / Polymers react and differently •Micro surfacing mix design tests produce

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test sections included ultra-thin and thin whitetopping, Modified Class D open graded asphalt , and micro/macro surfacing treatment. The majority of the …

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Section 507. MICRO-SURFACING 507.01 Description. Prepare the surface and apply a properly propor-tioned micro-surfacing mixture. 507.02 Materials. Furnish a micro-surfacing mixture consisting of a properly designed and proportioned blend of polymerized asphalt emul-sion, fine aggregate, Portland cement, water and other additives. Use

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The chip or scrub seal serves to seal and bond the cracks in the existing pavement. The slurry seal or microsurfacing serves to improve the chip retention and smoothness of the driving surface. When? Cape seals are typically applied on an intermittent, project-specific basis.


SECTION 6 SURFACE TREATMENTS ... plied to an existing pavement surface are often called seal coats. A single surface treatment, commonly called a chip seal, involves spraying asphalt ... addition of polymers and the use of specialized design techniques, micro-surfacing provides greater durability and can be placed thicker.

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•Slurry and Micro Surfacing systems: • zero emissions • thin pavement systems • applied at ambient temperatures • Without compaction • Using advanced materials •It is not: • A fix for structural problems • For placement in the rain or cold temperatures (<50F) • For extremely deteriorated pavements • Free

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Asphalt Pavement Maintenance services provide long-term, cost-effective solutions for highway maintenance and paving for the public and private sectors. Boxley can build a custom pavement maintenance schedule or attend to maintenance projects.

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Enlist Pavement Design and/or Maintenance experts in identifying the acceptable pavement surface conditions needed for rumble strip installation. Coordinate with Design and Traffic experts at Central and/or Regional offices to develop the details regarding the design and deployment strategies of rumble strips and design flexibilities.

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Patio Pavers Silicone Molds Custom Design Concrete Stepping Stone Mold Floors. $22.79 New. Stone Paving Mold Concrete Mould Paver for Easy Unique Beauty Garden Patway. 5 out of 5 stars (4) Total Ratings 4, $15.93 New. Slate Seamless Texture Stamp Mat Skin Concrete Cement Stamping Tools.

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According to the National Park Service, cape seals can extend the life of a pavement 6 to 8 years; polymer modified Cape Seals may extend pavement life up to 10 years in ideal situations. The use of a Cape Seal is typically used on rural and urban highways and residential neighborhoods and should be considered when a slurry or micro-surfacing ...