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Concrete Bridge Deck Sealing: Keeping Your Bridges Strong ...

Penetrating sealers are chemicals (water repellent agents) that are applied by spraying to the surface. They penetrate the and micro and hairline cracks to provide a protective barrier on the bridge deck surface.

Bridge Deck Crack Sealing

Bridge Deck Crack Sealing

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Braun Intertec and MnDOT Bridge Office staff performed visual observations each spring over a three year period. Each test location was qualitatively rated for sealant effectiveness: Effective (3): Sealant fully intact or essentially intact with a hairline crack Semi-effective (2): Sealant …

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Many times bridge decks have more cracks than is practical, from a cost and downtime perspective, to be repaired by crack injection. These are often referred to as “alligator” cracks or “spider webs.” The deck may be cracked through the entire depth of the slab …

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UNF Project, Contract No. BDK82 977-02 - Sealing of Cracks on Florida Bridge Decks with Steel Girders Material Failure Investigation Tasks: 􀁸 Literature review and evaluation of previous research. 􀁸 Literature review of current design and construction practices. 􀁸 Development of 3-D finite element models and parametric study (cracks movement).

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Water Repellent Concrete Sealers for Bridge Decks. Foundation Armor water repellent sealers are DOT-approved in several states. They chemically react below the surface to form a hydrophobic barrier within the pores. Water and other liquids will bead off sealed surface, significantly reducing deterioration that may have been caused by water absorption.

Concrete Repair Manual: Crack Repair – Gravity-Fed Sealant


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MasterSeal 630 is a very low viscosity, low surface tension, solvent-free, rapid curing reactive methacrylate resin formulated to penetrate, repair and seal cracks in substrates. Recommended uses: Exterior. Horizontal. Concrete. Bridge decks.

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Bridge decks protected with a sealer or laminate had significantly less chloride ion ingress at the second and third depth. Chloride ions located deeper in the provide more potential contact with reinforcement steel.

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TK-BRIDGE DECK & CRACK SEALER 2110 Item No.: TK-2110 A VOC compliant, low viscosity, solvent-free, two-component, gravity-fed crack and deck sealer designed specifically for Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) projects. May be used as a safer alternative to hazardous methylmethacrylate.

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Transpo T-78 Polymer Crack Healer/Sealer is a specially formulated, low viscosity, fast setting, methyl methacrylate (MMA) reactive resin system that is highly effective for sealing and filling cracks... Transportation safety materials and products for airports, bridges, roadways, tunnels, and railways.

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Bridge Surface Repair » Bridge Surface Repair. Pavement eventually cracks and deteriorates, this includes on bridges. Crack sealing is the most cost-effective method of pavement preservation. Installation is easy and bridges are open to traffic much faster than if …

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Apr 14, 2011 · • Bridge deck joints should protect the interior edges of decks from vehicle loads, seal the joint openings, and accommodate movements resulting from temperature changes and creep and shrinkage ... Roadway Crack Sealer c. Asphaltic Plug Joint d. Finger Joint Small MR

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Bridge Deck Concrete Sealers. In the last several years, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has experienced problems with excessive amounts of cracking on some new bridge decks. This has led to various sealers being used for sealing cracks as well as whole decks, instead of applying linseed oil.

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Chapter X - Deck Maintenance Procedures Page X-2 Bridge Maintenance Training Reference Manual (4) Seal cracks to prevent and/or reduce corrosion of reinforcement. CONCRETE DECK SEALING Sealing is accomplished by providing a deck with a barrier to prevent chloride penetration of the deck.


FOR CAUSES AND REPAIR OF CRACKS IN BRIDGE DECKS September 25, 2009 PART 1 - GENERAL This Guide Manual describes the causes of pattern and linear cracks in recently constructed hydraulic cement bridge decks and overlays and recommends repairs for filling and sealing the cracks. Repairs to dormant (the widths of the cracks are

Crack and Concrete Bridge Deck Sealant Performance

Sealing cracks in decks is a routine part of bridge maintenance, but practices and products vary significantly. This study established best practices guidelines for deck and crack sealing on Minnesota’s bridges. “Bridge life is controlled by controlling cracks.” –Jim Lilly, Bridge Standards, Research and Information ...

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TK-MMA BRIDGE DECK SEALER is to be applied as a flood coat and in a gravity fed process by broom or roller. The contents of the batch should be poured onto the substrate and immediately worked into cracks using a squeegee., a solvent-grade roller (1/2”-3/4” nap), or a broom. Do not allow material to pond on the surface.

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Bridge Deck Sealer We offer Flexi-Crete Penetrating Concrete Sealer (PCS) which not only acts as a bridge deck sealer, but also waterproofs the bridge deck. Bridge Deck Waterproofing Systems

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Illinois DOT is in the second year of a deck sealing program funded at $7M/year (state funds). The Department intends to re-seal every bare deck on the state system once each 4 years. For 2011, the average total cost (using silane/siloxane sealers) was $0.46 / square foot. Read ILDOT Bridge Deck Sealing Guidelines.

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Steel bridge decks require waterproofing. If the deck is new, the steel surface will require a scratch/ leveling course of asphalt applied to it. If the deck is old with a waterproofing system already installed, some or all of the old system needs to be removed and a scratch/leveling course must be placed.

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bridge decks. The lifecycle guide should address progressive strategies and treatments (i.e., penetrant sealers, crack sealing, thin overlay, overlay, deck replacement, etc.) and the transition points in the bridge deck criteria in which the optimal treatment should be applied to

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Sealate® T-70 MX30 also comes in a Vertical Application formula that is highly effective for sealing and filling cracks in structures. For more information on all Transpo Industries Sealate® Crack Sealer formulations (T-70 and T-70/MX-30 and T-70/MX-30 Vertical) please refer to the product sheet and the technical data sheet.

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Bridge Preservation Strategies Kevin Pruski, P.E. ... • Deck Crack Sealing • Concrete Structure Repair • Spot Painting • Overlays ... Bridge Deck Cracking Thankfully – Not in Texas. Bridge Deck Cracking Special Specification #4100 – Gravity Feed Crack Repair for Concrete

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REINFORCED CONCRETE BRIDGE DECKS. ... . Below is a typical underside view of a steel-reinforced bridge deck showing no visible defects or distress: Click on a thumbnail image below to see a larger view and further discussion of the types of distresses that bridge decks typically suffer: ... Crack Sealing: Deck Sealing :

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These ratings are used to describe the existing, in-place bridge condition as compared to the as-built bridge condition. Condition ratings are assigned to the deck, superstructure, and substructure components of a bridge, and are also assigned to the channel/channel protection …

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Concrete RepairConcrete Repair Basics Daniel Dennis, Jr. PE ... Crack Sealing • Seal to minimize intrusion of chlorides and ... Bridge Deck – Overlay Delamination • A smooth textured surface identified on broken pieces of overlay and cores at the deck/overlay interface

Crack and Concrete Bridge Deck Sealant Performance

Sealing cracks in decks is a routine part of bridge maintenance, but practices and products vary significantly. This study established best practices guidelines for deck and crack sealing on Minnesota’s bridges. “Bridge life is controlled by controlling cracks.” –Jim Lilly, Bridge Standards, Research and Information Manager,

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Bridge Seal 75% is a highly penetrating, two component epoxy healer/sealer which when applied to cracked bridge decks or elevated , structurally seals the …

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For cracks in which a significant amount of movement is anticipated, bond breaker tape should be placed at the bottom of the groove prior to sealing. The tape must stay at the bottom of the groove in order to be effective. The bond breaker allows for 2-sided rather than 3-sided adhesion,...

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Alternative Sealants for Bridge Decks This project investigated potential bridge deck crack and surface sealers, and their optimum application timing. The purpose of this project was to determine if there were better products than what the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) was using (i.e. – linseed oil surface sealer ...

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Crack sealing in bridge decks is effective for those bridge decks with few cracks not warranting a complete flood coating of the deck. The cracks are prepared for sealant by lightly abrasive blasting the crack and 1 inch to 2 inches either side of the crack to remove debris, clean the adjacent surface and open up the crack to facilitate penetration of the epoxy sealant.

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on a bridge, where transverse deck cracks were sealed using 4 different sealant materials; cores were taken and tested according to ASTM-C496. The results of the testing showed that the 3-part HMWM was the best performing sealer for cracks

Preventative Maintenance for Concrete Bridge Decks

Deck Overlays: Epoxy Overlay Tensile Adhesion Test: Load cell is hooked to cap, the core is loaded, the cored overlay fails, red needle on load cell indicates failure load. Three results are averaged.

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Sealate® Crack Sealers are specially formulated High Molecular Weight Methacrylate (HMWM) resin materials that strengthen and extend the life of . With an easy single application, Sealate® deeply penetrates, quickly fills and bonds cracks, and seals pores in existing including roadways, bridges, and various structures and surfaces.

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The Silicoflex Joint Sealing System was developed as a direct response to bridge owners asking for a higher quality, longer lasting, more universal joint sealing system The Silicoflex System consists of an inverted ‘V’ shaped, preformed, extruded silicone rubber seal, with a single component silicone locking adhesive and a primer.

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Garden State Sealing has performed repair work on Private, Municipal and County owned bridges. Bridge Deck Repairs include: Bridge Deck Sealing; Full depth & partial depth replacement; Expansion joint replacement; Butt joint installation & repair; Epoxy broadcast overlays; Our Products

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DURAL MMA HEALER/SEALER is a 100% reactive ultra-low viscosity methyl methacrylate resin used as a penetrating crack healer/sealer or to fortify extremely porous substrates. DURAL MMA HEALER/SEALER is typically used on bridge decks, parking structures or as a general penetrating sealer to prevent moisture intrusion.

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Guide Bridge Special Provisions (GBSP) GBSP's have been developed by IDOT's Bureau of Bridges and Structures in an effort to simplify the work involved in producing Special Provisions for items of work commonly associated with the design and construction of structures. Special Instructions: The current GBSP's are available for download.

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Sikaflex 29 fl. oz. Self-Leveling Sealant is a Sikaflex 29 fl. oz. Self-Leveling Sealant is a single component, self-leveling, premium-grade polyurethane sealant with an accelerated curing capacity used to seal gaps, joints and cracks. No tooling feature saves time and money. 29 …

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major contributor to shortened service life of bridge decks. IDOT performed a five-year study on the effectiveness of bridge deck sealing and produced a report in October 2009. The study focused on global sealing of the bridge deck and provided valuable recommendations but did not focus on individual crack sealing. Now, there is a need to evaluate

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Spray Applied Waterproofing for Highway, Railroad, Bridge Deck and Tunnel Structures Specializing in the rail and highway markets, Bridge Preservation manufactures high performance spray applied waterproofing membrane systems designed to permanently protect rail and highway structures.

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bridge deck crack sealers in order to provide guidance and data to Contractors and MnDOT bridge maintenance personnel so that high quality products will be used and long-term performance ensured. Therefore, the MnDOT Bridge Deck Crack Sealer Qualification Process will include a field performance evaluation over a two year period.

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d(a) highway or railroad bridge over water d(b) highway or railroad bridge over highway d(c) hwy/rr bridge req rr track protection e(c) bridge deck overlay& minor bridge repair e(e) small structures and drainage items e(i) permanent seeding, sodding, and top soil e(l) structural steel erection e(p) bridge deck sealing e(t) demolition

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About Us. Crafco is the world’s leading manufacturer in quantity and diversity of packaged pavement preservation products for asphalt and such as hot-applied crack sealants, silicone joint sealants, hot-applied mastics, and cold-mix for pavement surface patching and repair.

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LVP bridge deck crack fillers seal bridge decks with hairline shrinkage cracks to prevent intrusion of water and chlorides into the bridge deck or overlay. The following conditions should be considered when applying polymer crack fillers. LVP crack fillers can be used for filling any size cracks.

Crack and Concrete Deck Sealant Performance

of bridge deck sealants and crack sealers to extend the life of reinforced bridge decks. The role of deck sealants and crack sealers is to prevent chloride ion ingress, originating from deicing materials spread on the road, from penetrating into the bridge deck …

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ORF bridge solution offers a variety of expansion joints to suit a wide range of movement and gaps between bridge decks. The complex rubber-metal composite structure of the ORF expansion joints facilitates in accommodating the displacement and rotation of the structures relative to each other in all directions.

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Crack Sealing. Crack filling is your first line of defense against pavement deterioration. Cracks allow water to more easily penetrate into the pavement and weaken the sub base. ... Bridge Deck Waterproofing. The waterproofing of bridge decks is recognized in Canada as a vital and necessary operation to enhance the longevity and durability of ...


Chemical sealers applied on the top of bridge decks are used by many state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) for waterproofing new and existing bridge decks. Chemical sealers can be categorized as deck sealers and crack sealers. There are many different types of chemical sealers including silanes, HMWMs,

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Concrete RepairConcrete Repair Basics Daniel Dennis, Jr. PE ... Crack Sealing • Seal to minimize intrusion of chlorides and ... Bridge Deck – Overlay Delamination • A smooth textured surface identified on broken pieces of overlay and cores at the deck/overlay interface

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There are approximately 19,000 bridges on public roads and streets in Indiana. Over 5,500 of these are on the State highway system. These bridges are designed and constructed to provide an


The Department will measure the sealing of surfaces, sealing of bridge decks with HMWM resin and treating bridge decks with SRS as the actual area in square yards (square meters ) of surfaces treated. The Department will measure the actual length in linear feet (meters) of crack repaired by epoxy injection.

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Get this from a library! Evaluation of Roadware 10-Minute Concrete Mender for PCC bridge deck crack sealing. [Khader Abu Al-eis; Wisconsin. Bureau of Highway Construction. Technology Advancement Unit.]